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A note to those desiring to listen/monitor EAARS when away from a radio. Just go to EAARS main page and "Click here to listen to live EAARS repeater audio. Its delayed about 25 seconds on the internet. Enjoy.

Our next club meeting will be on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at the China Taste Restaurant in Safford. This will be our annual election meeting. Plan to be there at 6:30. we have a room reserved. We will have the drawing for the Dues renewal campaign, you do not need be present to win.

We are aware of the mapping situation on our web site. Will probably be using a different format soon.

The EAARS Picnic has come and gone. We look forward to next years event.

The club has had several inquires as to a BADGE with the EAARS name for members. We have contacted a dealer in Tucson that has come up with two sample designs and prices. For those interested in obtaining an EAARS badge please go to the following LINK and follow the directions:

EAARS Badges

The club is in no way benefiting from this. It's between you and the vendor. The club is only providing the information and link.

The IRLP/Echolink system continues to work quite well on the EAARS network. There is a guideline on the main page describing how to operate it.

Copies of EAARS newsletters are available on line. See main page for link, or www.eaars.com/newsletter

See main page for link to bulk 7QP photos, and other general interest photos. This is a work in progress.

Again, anyone wishing to place any EAARS related news of interest on this page, please send Larry N5BG an email with your request.

Updated as of January 2020

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